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About Lusha

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After studying abroad in China in 2011, Lusha’s founder noticed a glaring issue; little to no accessibility for vital personal care, hygiene, and beauty products. When she returned to the US, she found a very similar problem.

The ability to access needed products within our society is a privilege not everyone has. 

Lusha’s mission is to transform the way consumers in the beauty retail space feel seen, heard, or thought of through an inclusive, human-centered experience.


We live out that mission in three ways:

1. Collaborating with the communities we inhabit on the products they wish to see in our shops

2. Amplifying local businesses and brands globally through various events and promotions

3. Putting aside a portion of proceeds to important social initiatives that impact our world, voted on by our partners and customers

With every vending machine, pop-up store, and new product added to the online shop, we get one step closer to providing accessible and inclusive personal care products to the world.

Want to join the Lusha movement? See where our vending machines are located, fill out our survey, or learn more about collaborating with us for one of our pop up sessions or product placement.

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