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Save your hairstylist and yourself time with our non-toxic pre-stretched braiding hair, great for all types of protective hair styles. The Pre-stretched hair is thinned out and tapered out the ends for a beautiful finish. Keep in mind these packs are not as full as our non pre-stretched braid hair and will require you to purchase 2-3 additional packs than we traditionally recommend for our non stretched braid hair.

Pre-stretched braiding hair comes in 20” and 26” lengths.
textured and will not get silky when dipped in hot water
hair can be dipped in hot water with caution. We suggest a min of 60 seconds
6 packs are enough for a full braid look *for best results consult your stylist.
All colors that are available in our non stretched selection is not available with our pre-stretched.

Latched and Hooked-Pre-stretched Braiding Hair - 26" / Basic Black

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