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Introducing Lusha's Perfect 10 Twist Out Kit – your ultimate solution for achieving flawless, defined, and bouncy twist out hairstyles effortlessly. Our carefully curated kit includes a selection of premium products and tools designed to enhance your natural curls and provide you with the perfect twist out every time. Get ready to embrace your curls with confidence and style!


What's Inside:

1. Camille Rose Ginger Rinse: Start your haircare routine with this invigorating ginger-infused rinse that cleanses and revitalizes your scalp, creating the perfect foundation for your twist out style.


2. Aunt Jackie's Instant Detangling Therapy: Say goodbye to knots and tangles! This detangling therapy effortlessly removes snarls, leaving your hair smooth, manageable, and ready for styling.


3. CurlDaze Shine Gel: Define your curls and add a brilliant shine with this lightweight gel infused with nourishing Kukui oil. It locks in moisture, providing a long-lasting hold without any sticky residue.


4. KAZMALEJE KurlsPlus Paddle Hair Comb: Designed specifically for curly hair, this paddle comb glides through your locks, detangling gently and reducing breakage for healthier, frizz-free curls.


5. Kaleidoscope Growth Oil: Nurture your hair and promote growth with this enriching oil blend. Packed with essential nutrients, it strengthens your hair while enhancing its natural shine and softness.


6. Miss Jessies Pillow Soft Curls: Achieve soft, touchable curls with this light-hold styling cream. It defines and shapes your curls without crunchiness, leaving your hair feeling pillow-soft and natural.


7. CurlRev Detangling Styling Tool: This innovative styling tool simplifies the detangling process, ensuring your curls are smooth and ready for the perfect twist out.


8. Annie’s Twist Out Comb: Crafted with precision, this comb helps you section and define your twists, ensuring even and consistent results for a beautifully defined twist out style.


9. Flexible Curling Rods: Create versatile, natural-looking curls with these flexible rods. They provide a variety of curl sizes, allowing you to customize your twist out look according to your preference.


Package Includes Video and Written Instructions:

Our Perfect 10 Twist Out Kit comes complete with detailed video tutorials and step-by-step written instructions. Whether you're a beginner or a curly hair expert, our comprehensive guides will walk you through the entire process, from washing and detangling to styling and achieving the perfect twist out. 


Get ready to transform your curls into a stunning twist out hairstyle with Lusha's Perfect 10 Twist Out Kit. Embrace your natural beauty and confidence – it’s time to let your curls shine!

Perfect 10 Twist Out Kit

Expected to ship January 2024!
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