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The Snappee™ Hair Ties makes your natural curly hair life easier by giving you a snap-on/snap-off feature to use with all your favorite styles. The Snappee™ Hair Ties are:

Strong & Gentle - Snappee™ Hair Ties are gentle on your hair, but strong enough to hold your hair style, even during active sports.
Soft & Stretchy - Perfect for holding thick, curly hair, locks, and afro hair of all styles without damaging your curly hair.
Guaranteed Pain-Free - Easy to remove with our one-of-a-kind snap-on/snap-off technology. No tangles, breakage or damage to your hair.
Adjustable - Snap two or more Snappees™ together to have more style variety.

Swirl Curly-The Snappee™ Hair Ties

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